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007 Days of Nov: Day 3

We’ve learned his name. We know that nobody does it better, and that he has found another way to die.  The themes of the Bond movies are in some cases just as memorable (and even worse MORE memorable) than the movies attached to them.

As I sampled all 22 themes today for this post, I made a decision not to include Dr. No, since the theme would win out of principal, and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service since it doesn’t include vocals.

With those in place, which of the remaining themes won out as my favorite theme? A View to a Kill. Again, putting aside personal preference for the quality of the movie or even my thoughts on the name, there is no denying this movie has one hell of a theme song, which you can listen to below.


The song is clearly written in the 80s, but what can I say that era had some magical music.

Now its time to turn to our community and see what they have to say. As always Mr. Wolfwood is first,

It’s really hard for me to pick out my favorite Bond theme, mostly because there’s been so many of them. I’m not a fan of the “recent” Bond themes, but if I had to make a decision, it’d be a tie between “Goldfinger” and “Live and Let Die”. I think most of the older Bond fans would hear those songs on the radio or online and immediately think of the movies.

There you have it, he walks the line, but in the end it comes down to Goldfinger and Live and Let Die which both have awesome themes.

Other tweeps chimed in during a discussion today,

“You Know My Name” The Theme from Casino Royale was picked by both Anthony Gerhart (Dual Wielding) and Dylan (Nerds on the Rocks).

Rampaged Death said “Live and Let Die” was the easy answer.

There you have it, several choices, all quality themes in their own right. Agree? Disagree? Just want to name your own!

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  1. GothPunk says:

    It’s too hard to just choose one, as many of them are amazing pop songs in their own right. Anything from the 80’s is gold really (except for All Time High), with The World is Not Enough being my favourite modern theme. I haven’t watched Quantum of Solace yet so I haven’t heard Jack White do his thing.

    I’m in the mood to listen to The Living Daylights now ^^.

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