Talk of the Town: WWE All-Stars

Wrestlemania fever is in the air, we are just a few short weeks away from the Grand-daddy of them all, the Super Bowl of Sports Entertainment! Sure the card isn’t shaping up to be the greatest of all-time, but there’s something about the magic of WrestleMania that always serves to get me excited!

THQ wants to capitalize on that hype with the release of WWE All-Stars.


WWE All-Stars is an interesting project as it seems to combine the concept of Legends of Wrestlemania (the idea that the audience wants to relive classic match-ups) while adding more current age superstars to the mix. Ever wanted to see Rey Mysterio mix it up with The Macho Man? How about John Cena and Hogan Hulk? Or even Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Miz? Those are all possible in this game.

Not only can you create your own dream rivalry, but the game will feature its own classic brand of opponents. As you can see in the video below:


WWE All-Stars hits stores later this month, and we shall hopefully hear word on a demo shortly.

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