Marvel Slots Review Shooter

Flash based games are becoming more and more complex these days and with the platform available to everyone with a computer connected to the internet it is a great way to make a game everyone can enjoy. Lucky
Nugget is one of the best online casinos on the internet having been around since 1998  they understand what their players want and so have managed to get a hold of the Marvel licence for a slots game sure to please anyone who enjoys their comics and films.

The game opens with a flashy intro showing off many of the characters Marvel fans will surly know, from here the game begins. It is a simple to understand five reel slots game where the idea is to spin the reels and see if the icons line up. With each bet you can decide how many of the nine different lines you want to bet on meaning that you can raise your chance of winning by betting on more lines at once. The game moves at a good speed allowing you to move on to a new spin quickly so you never get bored. The game is fair and you do actually have a good chance to win unlike many other online casinos that set their percentages far too high in order to just make money.

Playing this game you can see just how far online casino such as LuckyNugget have been inspired by the basic games that used to be everywhere on the internet, now these games have a budget and you can tell that a lot of effort has gone into the production. It’s hard to really say anything bad about this game as it is fast and fun to play with a great art style provided by the famous Marvel characters.

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