Nerds on the Rocks 129: WrestleMania 29 Twice in Lifetime

The Road to WrestleMania hasn’t been the smoothest ride. We’re almost certain the car stalled out a few miles back, but the gang joins forces once more to discuss the 29th annual WrestleMania. We jump for joy because we get to experience “Once in a Lifetime” for the 2nd time in our lives as John Cena takes on the Rock. We discuss the racist tone of the Alberto Del Rio/Jack Swagger feud, take out about how Brock Lesnar takes joys in being an arse, Triple H’s odd gimmick and CM Punk and Undertaker being the best thing going into this show.

It’s quite the jam-packed tour de force, but as they say it’s Written in the Stars

Tunes on the Rocks: Trying something new this week, instead of placing a song at the end of the show, we have included a sample of a song, and all you have to do is Name The WrestleMania it was used for, we’ll try our best to rattle off the folks who got it right on next week’s show!  (Can leave your answers in comments, on Twitter to @GT_NOTR, show notes on Facebook or e-mail at

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