Sonic Saturdays: Sonic SatAM Pilot

Sonic the Hedgehog Theme song

Pilot Episode: September 18, 1993.

Title: Heads or Tails

Writer: Len Jansen

Director: John Grusd

The show opens with Dr. Ivo Robotnik, voiced Jim Cummings, returning to Robotropolis, with his lackey Snively,√ā¬†played√ā¬†by Charles Adler, welcoming him back. The freedom fighters have been fighting the despot for some time. He has many of√ā¬†their√ā¬†loved ones enslaved already√ā¬†in a √ā¬†roboticized√ā¬†state.

We’re√ā¬†introduced√ā¬†to Sonic, Played by Jaleel White, Tails, Played by Bradley Pierce, And Rotor Played by Cam Brainard. Sonic is a free√ā¬†spirited√ā¬†guitar rocking, dude, Tails is a young kid fanboy and Rotor is a laid back tech head. √ā¬† One thing that is a little weird, is Sonic doesn’t blink or have Eyelids. His pupils blink.

Robotnik also has many√ā¬†surveillance√ā¬†droids floating around and spots Tails.√ā¬†He proceeds to send a buzzbomber robot to pursue Tails. The Bee shaped badnik is destroyed by Sonic and they see the√ā¬†surveillance√ā¬†bot and tease Robotnik for his failure. The trio then goes to Knothole,√ā¬†their√ā¬†base of operations.

While in Knothole we meet the other freedom fighters.

Antoine- The arrogant, yet cowardly french coyote voiced by the often√ā¬†imitated, but never duplicated, Rob Paulsen.

Bunnie Rabbot- A half Robot, Half Rabbit powerhouse with a southern twang, voiced by Christine Cavenaugh.

Princess Sally Acorn- The Freedom Fighter’s field leader, and brains, voiced by Kath Soucie. It should be noted, that Princess Sally’s design in the pilot is different than the rest of the series.

Also, there seems to be a bit of a love triangle between Antoine, Sally, and Sonic. The sub-plot between them is kind of interesting.


It seems the Freedom fighters have a problem. The cotter pins in the catapults they use to defend Knothole √ā¬†keep breaking, and need to be replaced with metal ones. √ā¬†It’s Decided that Sonic needs to go to Robotropolis to get them, but not before getting a Power Ring. √ā¬†Power Rings, invented by Sonic’s Uncle Chuck, give Sonic a boost. They also have a lot of other effects depending on how you use them. Robotnik is also after them. Ivo knows the Freedom Fighters have them, so he creates a chemical that can intantly kill trees and expose Knothole. Robotnik knows Knothole is in the Great Forrest, but has yest to find it. He then loads up a bunch of buzzbombers with the chemical and charges Snively with the operation.

The attack happens after the catapults are fixed. So, Sonic Leads the Buzzbombers into range, and the day is Saved!



Being a Pilot, a lot of the√ā¬†designs√ā¬†weren’t finalized yet. Sally’s Design was the most obvious, but the look of the technology, and some√ā¬†vehicles were streamlined in the following episodes. √ā¬†I don’t think they did a bad job at introducing the characters and their motives, but the plot was kind of weak.√ā¬†√ā¬†√ā¬†√ā¬†However, with all the exposition in this√ā¬†episode, it was kind of expected.

Until next time, stay Way past cool!

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