Review Shooter: Nightwing #1

Writer: Kyle Higgins

Pencils: Eddy Barrows

Inks: Rod Reis

   Nightwing #1 follows Dick Grayson as he returns to the role of Nightwing, and as he visits the Haley Circus, who are back in town for the first time since Dick’s parents were murdered.

I’ll admit, when I first heard that Dick would be giving up the cape and cowl with the relaunch, I was pretty skeptical. As time went on and more of the book was shown and talked about, I got excited, and thankfully, I was wrong originally. Kyle Higgins takes what could have been a very disastrous situation, and makes a damn good book out of it. The biggest thing I want to compliment him on is how this really does feel like a natural progression of where Dick was as a character when Scott Snyder’s run finished. The reasoning for him being back to Nightwing makes complete sense, and it’s great to see that it was thought through, and wasn’t bull-shitted. Going hand in hand with the natural progression, the dialogue and overall feel of the book is very quick and upbeat, which again, makes complete sense. We really get a sense that being Batman made him a better person, and now that he’s back in his element he can have some fun (and we can too).

Like all good artists can, Eddy Barrows compliments the tone set up by the writer. The book looks and feels very fast and fluid, and is much slicker and super hero like compared to the other Batman family titles, which isn’t better or worse, but it fits much better with what they’re attempting in this particular title. The opening and ending were particularly well done, with Dick doing tons of flipping and jumping around, and just working acrobatics back into his fighting style, and it’s pretty darn cool. My one complaint is that there are a few pages while Dick’s at the circus where he looks downright… creepy, and not intentionally, or in a good way. Despite those couple of pages, the artwork is damn solid overall.

Survival Rating: LIVE! People like Dick Grayson, people like good books. This is both.

Recommendation: BUY IT! Another excellent book from the new 52, check it out!


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