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Requiem for Damian Wayne

We’ve already featured reviews for Batman and Robin 18 and Batman, Inc 9 on the website, and I thought that those issues were so strong that I would check out the other comics in...

Review Shooter: Nightwing 2

Writer: Kyle Higgins Artist: Eddy Barrows The past always seems to have a way of haunting you. Though, it seems to happen in comics way more than any one person should go through. Nightwing...

Review Shooter: Nightwing #1

Review Shooter: Nightwing #1

Writer: Kyle Higgins Pencils: Eddy Barrows Inks: Rod Reis    Nightwing #1 follows Dick Grayson as he returns to the role of Nightwing, and as he visits the Haley Circus, who are back in...