Nerds with Words: The New DC 52

About 2 weeks ago we ran a poll on the site to see which of DC’s new line-up of 52 titles most visitors to the site was most excited about. While it has taken me a while to do this, even though the results are√ā¬†instantaneous, here is our break down.

Of the 52 titles, 32 were voted on by our visitors, which is a fair number if you are DC.

The title with the most votes wasn’t really surprising, being that Batman has been DC’s most popular property for like the last 30-40 years or so. Justice League and Action Comics being number 2 and 3, respectively, was also not a shocker. As Justice League brings about the return of the near big 7 and Action Comics has been DC’s hallmark series since the mid 1930s.

Things start to open up once you hit the 4th and 5th place. With Swamp Thing gaining enough votes to be the 4th most anticipated title of the DC relaunch (at least shocking to me!)

The 5th place was a rough tie between several books, but offers a ton of variety in content. Nightwing, Wonder Woman, Batwoman, Aquaman, Resurrection Man and Justice League Dark all gained equal number of votes. The last 3 choices are perhaps the most curious. On a personal level, had no idea who Resurrection Man was until the results of the poll started coming in, and now its one of the comics I am most intrigued to read come Sept.

There you have it, a break down of the top 5 most anticipated titles of the DC 52 based on our reader poll!

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