Nostalgia with a Twist: Batman Forever: The Video Game

It has been such a long-time since I’ve done one of these. It always come to me to try and do it, but then it is a feature that really only appeals to me and my nostalgic trips.

Instead of scrapping the feature though, I’m just going to make it a place for my nostalgic trips. I tend to get random memories in my head, whether it is a TV show’s intro, commercial, toy line, movie slogan or just a skit/episode from a popular show. I’ll share it here with some thoughts. And if possible, why it popped into my head.

To kick it off, Batman Forever plays a special place in my life. It was around the time that I guess I played attention to what I was looking forward to as a kid? I remember drawing pictures of The Riddler out of magazines and even decking out a Batman Forever card for my newborn baby brother.

Memories of its marketing has always stuck with me as well. While I know and prefer the Elfman Batman theme, the Forever one always comes to mind when rewatching them. As goofy as it may be. And of course the silly commercial where Alfred asks to make Batman a sandwich and responds he’ll get drivethrough… which if memory serves me right somehow ended up making it into the movie for gawd knows what reason.

But the thing I want to talk about today is the marketing for the video game. Specifically, the commercial for it. I’m not quite sure WHY this song has always stuck with me, especially since the game was awful, but it randomly pops into my head from time to time and I search it out on Youtube. It’s rather catchy or memorable, but the commercial itself is so divorced from the tone of the movie. And the game’s graphics… yeah. Take a look!


In hindsight, a lot of Batman Forever was better in marketing than the final product. Such a disappointing game. Thanks for reading my random ramblings, if you’ve made it this far!

Earl Rufus

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2 Responses

  1. Rek Anthony says:

    Hi Earl,

    My name is Rek Anthony. I am the guy who sang the Batman Forever video game commercial. I actually sang three versions (tv, radio, theaters). It was a lot of fun. I was able to put some of my own ideas into the vocals, such as saying ‘battle’ with the “t’s” emphasized. I am happy you like the song.


    • admin says:

      Oh wow, thanks for responding!
      If you ever want, I would love to talk to you about this song and being involved with Batman Forever

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