Comic Book Reviews – Mike’s Haul 6/12/13

Superman Unchained #1

Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: Jim Lee

For a week full of Superman, this book was really good. Unsurprisingly, Snyder has done a great job with a huge twist in history (to a much greater degree than Court of Owls) and really sets the stage with what seems to be the prime conflict of the book. It gives fans a sense of what the title really hints to and that the book will be big on action. He also does a great job of checking off most of the classic Superman cast and addresses their status in the current New 52.

Review Score: 6/7

Batgirl #21

Written by: Gail Simone
Art by: Fernando Pasarin

While Nightwing has mostly used new villains besides the Joker and a re-imagined Prankster, Batgirl has also mostly used new creations from the mind of Gail Simone. However, this is the 2nd part of two-parter that re-introduces the horrifying new Ventriloquist. Simone’s story is so creepy and gross (in a good way) that characters, in fact, puke. However, after the climax of the story with her brother, it’s a nice reminder that her world could be worse. The art is good but not great, but the story is so crazy and intense that the art in no way hurts the story. I also think the update to the Ventriloquist is something that will stand for a long time and I hope Simone tackles the character again soon.

Review Score: 5/7

Nightwing #21

Written by: Kyle Higgins
Art by: Brett Booth

I’ve been following this book since the beginning and I have to say, the addition of Booth has only improved it. Higgins has given fans a solid Nightwing book through his run so far, and I have really enjoyed the change of location to Chicago and the ‘Hunt’ for Tony Zucco. He’s really sets some interesting twists between the history of masked heroes/super heroes in Chicago, Zucco’s family situation, and the Prankster. I was happily surprised that the Prankster was not a character we had already met since Dick’s new roommate and random crazy girl he met in bar both were possibles for the Prankster’s ID. I’m sad that Booth seems to be leaving based on DC’s need for him on other books, especially since his slight redesigns of Nightwing’s New 52 duds are really good.

Review Score: 5/7

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