Review Shooter: Star Wars Dark Times 3

Star Wars Dark Times issue 3
Script: Randy Stradley
Art: Douglas Wheatley
Colors: Dan Jackson


The issue starts with two women who appear to have been captured for slave trading. Their situation looks grim. Then, we are quickly introduced to an alien cast who seem to be looking for a man named Jennir. Along the way we find that many people are looking for the same man, including Lord Vader.

My take:

I am a big fan of Star Wars. One of my favorite things about the Dark Horse comics is how they let you know what time period the story takes place. This story takes place approximately 19 years before the Battle of Yavin. The era of the prequel trilogy. Okay, so now I know where I am when I start reading. Quickly, I was introduced to the main players of the story. It would seem that everyone is looking for a Jedi named Jennir. A group of aliens who appear to be a part of Jennirs crew, a mysterious man in black and the main man himself, Darth Vader. Very cool.

I never read the first two issues of this series, so of course I was concerned that I would be a little lost. Such is not the case though. Randy Stradley script kept me in the loop very well. As soon as I got hooked in…it’s To Be Continued! So in my opinion I say “Well Played sir! I’m hooked!”

The art very much suits this story, certain panels reminded me of Gary Frank a little bit, but Douglas Wheatley makes every panel his own. I very much like his style. His facial expressions are very well done. Which was helpful with connecting emotions to Jennir. This reviewer digs it.

Recommendation: Buy. It’s not very often that one can jump in to the middle of a limited series and not feel like you missed something. I feel that as a new reader, I was brought up to speed very quickly and then was left wanting more. I’m adding this to my pull file!


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