Batman Vs: Werewolves

Thus far in our series, the Dark Knight has faced down against the lord of Darkness, Dracula, and destroyed a horde of zombies. Being that we are still in October, it was only fitting that our Batman Vs. series continued with the Bat taking on another popular creature from cinema.

Batman is no stranger to man turned creature, though his name would imply it, Batman is all man, but some of his foes like Killer Croc and Man-Bat take on more animalistic personas.  And if you want to believe it, this wouldn’t even be Batman’s first encounter with werewolves as he has taken on human foxes in the form of the Terrible Trio, but actual werewolves along with Superman.

In case, you didn't believe us!

How will the Caped Crusader take down a werewolf? Really in comparison to Dracula and the zombies, werewolves wouldn’t pose much of a threat to the Dark Knight. The simplest route would probably be to outlast the werewolf until daybreak and it reverted back to its human form, and would prove no match for Batman.

If he wanted to try and break a sweat, he could take it down with a combination of knock out gas and acrobatics or he would probably tie it up. Really, again, it would prove no challenge for the Caped Crusader.

As they say,

Batman- 3

Join next week, same Bat time, same Bat website!

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