Review Shooter: Legion Lost 1

Writer: Fabian Nicieza
Artist: Pete Woods

One of the reasons, I personally decided to purchase all of DC’s new 52 books was the chance to discover new and exciting stories, but also to finally try and jump on popular series and see what all the fuss is/was about. Legion Lost introduces us to a segment of the Legion of Superheroes, and breaking up a large team is always a good idea, but does this book give me hope for the future or leaves me lost in time?

The book starts with a man being restrained or people trying to restrain him. According to the dialogue, he is speaking a foreign tongue and acting irrational. We then see him growing and well the hospital blowing up! Skip ahead to about a month later, and members of the Legion (or at least I believe so, they never really refer to the team, and like said, not a fan of the books!) arrive. You see time is a wibbly-wobbly thing so even though they left an hour after the original person they arrived nearly a month after him!

The Legion tries to get their powers in tune with the current time era, but find that something is playing havoc with their abilities. Some react a bit more physically than others (throwing up and the likes) while they also discover their Legion tech doesn’t work as well. This, I assume is to underpower some of the members for the comic, but really just served to waste space to me. I still want to know who these characters are, and aside from briefly learning their names and maybe a few powers, I still couldn’t tell most of them apart!

In addition to hunting down the first person (and would refer to him by name, but honestly I don’t remember it, and I’m sticking with that for a reason!), the Legionnaires also find that their time sphere has been damaged so some are left behind tasked with fixing it. Well actually, all but one of them are left fixing it. So yeah we have a superhero book, where 95% of the time does nothing for the majority of the book. And when the dude is capture, its not even of their doing, he passes out because he couldn’t hit a little girl.

Stuff happens, people die, people mourn. They are stuck. The comic ends.

As you can probably guess, not the biggest fan of the Legion book. It just felt like too much was going on while nothing was happening? Maybe, if I had a better relationship with the characters?

The art in the book is solid. Some really awesome panels in it, and would recommend seeing that because they are that good.

Survival Rating: Die There’s another more traditional Legion book launching next week. I assume that, even if it isn’t a stronger book, will be the one that raises above the fluff.

Recommendation: Borrow It The story is meh, but the art is really nice!

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