Review Shooter: DeathStroke #1

Writer- Kyle Higgins
Pencils- Joe Bennett
Inks- √ā¬†Art Thibert

Synopsis- Slade Wilson is the top Mercenary to ever walk the Planet. His√ā¬†Clientele, however,√ā¬†thinks he’s aged and is slowing down. He aims to prove them wrong. √ā¬†They Set him up with a team, that he doesn;t really need and accepts teh mission. The mission is to Kill a scientist turned arms dealer before he sells nuclear secrets to Iran.


This book opens in Moscow. DeathStroke is on an assassination mission. It appears as though someone has been playing some Devil May Cry before they drew this. Slade’s main weapons are a rather large sword and a pistol. The action in this book is pretty darn awesome, and the art is really fantastic. √ā¬†You get some detail on how he’s supposed to be the best at what he does. It doesn’t seem to matter if he’s against five guys or Fifty five, he always wins.

When he gets teamed up with “The Alpha Dawgs” or ” Harm Armory” as they have yet to settle on a name, it just turns out to be great. Slade hates Teenagers, but he’s forced to work with them. Slade being a hardcore merc, having to deal with un-experienced√ā¬† Teens is just freaking Gold. Deathstroke is pretty much a living weapon and is really serious. The Kids he gets teamed up with are kids. So, Friction is there.

Deathstroke more or less just uses the kids to get to his target. It turns out the Scientist is an Arms dealer, except thier intel was wrong. The arms that he’s dealing are biological Weapons, Namely Soldiers modified with Clayface DNA. But there’s a bigger plan in play. The Scientist gives Slade a mysterious briefcase that has something in it that he thinks is a threat. As a response he plants the bomb on the plane and takes him and his weapons out. Mission√ā¬†Successful!

I really don’t want to spoil what comes next… Let me just say Slade doesn’t need√ā¬†Competition.

This book is filled with Lots of violent Action, explosions and Assassinations. The artwork is really solid. A few of the panels use a strange coloring style that draws your attention to the characters themselves. The inks are√ā¬†also√ā¬†very solid. Something else I noticed is in the darker√ā¬†moments√ā¬†of this√ā¬†initial√ā¬†issue, when something dark is happening the spaces in between the panels turn black. It’s a small thing but is very effective.

Survival Rating- LIVE√ā¬†As a fan of this character since Wolfman and Perez created him, this book, so far, does him justice. Lots of action and seedy underworld dealings, a badass lead character, and Crazy situations.

Reccomendation- Buy it!! √ā¬†It’s a fun, yet violent, and sliiiightly disturbing book.√ā¬†Definitely√ā¬†not for the kids.




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