Review Shooter: Suicide Squad #1

Writer- Adam Glass
Artists- Federici Dallocchio, Ransom Getty, & Scott Hanna

Synopsis- Meet Task Force X.  A rag-tag group of very Dangerous individuals enlisted by the government for extremely dangerous missions. It consist of a clown, a shark, a Sniper, a firebug, A spider, and an electrical man. Unfortunatly, they have been captured and are being tortured as well. Who are the mysterious men that have captured Task Force X? Will the Task Force X operatives Crack under pressure?

Task Force X, Or more commonly├é┬áreferred├é┬áto as The Suicide Squad, is a pack of badass. They are all Super Criminals who are enlisted by the Government. However, their first mission is a Set up and they get captured. The book opens with Deadshot, whom, I named above as “The Sniper”. ├é┬áI, for one, am glad they finally decided to update his costume. He’s an expert Marksman and is rather heartless. But, at any rate they seem to be captured by a mysterious group of people who are├é┬áwearing├é┬áBurlap sacks on├é┬átheir├é┬áheads.

We then get to see some back story of each character while they’re being tortured. At first I thought El Diablo was the Tattooed Man ( a villain form the past DC Universe), However he is the “Firebug” mentioned above. He can create fire from his body. All of these characters are on Death Row, by the way. So they aren’t exactly friendly. The only reason they’re even agreeing to do these missions is because each one of them has an explosive implanted in├é┬átheir├é┬ánecks in case they don’t follow orders.

Let us ├é┬átalk about the Clown and the Shark. ├é┬áThe Clown,Harley Quinn’s, design may be off putting to many. I recall some fans wanting to kill themselves over it. Me? I don’t mind her new look. She’s still the same brand of Crazy. A lot of her Dialog was perfect. ├é┬áAs for the shark, well his name is King Shark, and he’s a shark. Although before The New 52 started he was more of a blue shark, or possibly a great white. They changed him into a Hammerhead. Why? I don’t know, but it works. He’s also vary violent and stupid, but I love him!

Moving on to the Electric man, and the Spider. Nothing is really revealed about the Electric one in this issue, and the Spider, known as “Black Spider” seems to be some kind of tech-Ninja. The first issue really Focuses on Deadshot, Harley, King Shark, and El Diablo. ├é┬áI would assume the other two will have├é┬átheir├é┬áback stories told in the next issue, or they might die, who knows?

The art in this book is really nice. Some of the designs are a little questionable, but As a whole this book feels similar to Gail Simone’s Secret Six. For a Set-up book, I really liked it. I can’t wait to get├é┬áthe├é┬ánext one!

Survial Rating:├é┬áLIVE! It’s always interesting to me, to witness stories from the villain’s viewpoint. Plus, in future issues they can rotate more bad guys in, or maybe spotlight some long forgotten ones. Bad guys are also pretty fun to write.

Reccomendation: Buy it for the Baddies!




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1 Response

  1. The Wayward Taverneer says:

    Slutty Harley? Sure, why not.
    King Shark as a hammerhead? Uh, I guess that’s ok.
    Thin Amanda Waller? Not too crazy about that.
    Mustacheless Deadshot? THEY’VE GONE TOO FAR!!!

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