Comic Book Reviews — Frank’s Haul 11/06/2013

Forever Evil #3


Writer: Geoff Johns
Art by: David Finch (pencils), Richard Friend (inks), Sonia Oback (colors)

The Justice League is dead. Long live the Justice League of Evil! The Crime Syndicate continues their rampage on the world unaware of the forces gathering against them. As the boldest event across DC and Marvel continues, Forever Evil doesn’t stop to take a break. This issue finally answers two of the biggest questions since Trinity War: What happened to the Justice League and Cyborg?

In Justice League of America #8 , we learned that the Justice League members were still alive and imprisoned. At the start of this issue, the events leading into their imprisonment and the nature of that prison are finally revealed. It’s immensely satisfying. Geoff Johns kept it simple and logical. The next question is: how will they free themselves? I previously speculated they would be trapped inside Pandora’s box or in Earth 3, but this is a bit more complicated. Only Superman and the other Justice League members can free themselves.

It’s so weird to see Lex Luthor set up as the main protagonist. Given what he did in Action Comics #23.3 and Forever Evil #1, it’s shocking that he has any glimmer of good in his heart. As weird as it is, it’s still a pleasure to read. This is the crux to establishing a “Justice League of Evil” to take on the Crime Syndicate. Ending the book with the founding four members is enough to get anyone excited about what’s to come.

Geoff Johns is at the top of his game. While this event is missing a style to bind it the way mystery did for Trinity War, it’s still highly enjoyable to read. Where else can you see Superman (or an alternate universe version of him) fight without pulling his punches? Oh right, Earth 2. Well, make sure you’re reading this because if the past two months are any indication, DC isn’t done wreaking havoc across all of Earth prime.

Review score: 7 (of 7)


Earth 2 #17

The Dark Age Begins

Writer: Tom Taylor
Art by: Nicola Scott

Forever Evil is a family movie compared to the amount of damage being caused in Earth 2. Following the departure of James Robinson I was bracing myself for an abrupt disruption of the story and action. That didn’t happen. Earth 2 is still awesome and after two big moments at the beginning and end of this book, it’s probably still in good hands. After revealing his true identity, Brutaal takes the battle straight to the team of wonders.

I was very, very hesitant about reading this book because I have adored Robinson’s run. Tom Taylor did a phenomenal job on Injustice, but Earth 2 is my favorite book at DC. Any doubt I had vanished the moment I read page 5. There’s a BIG reveal about the identity of Red Tornado and I could’t be more excited. Not only that, but this book was every bit as exciting as the previous issues. Brutaal was relentless in his destruction. As marvelous as the wonders may be, the bad guys are just better. If Green Lantern and Hawkgirl are still alive, they need to join up with the team soon. Otherwise, how else will they manage to survive against Brutaal?

Green Lantern, Alan Scott is a personal favorite of mine. Nicola Scott draws him excellently well and I missed seeing him in this book. Hopefully he’ll be back soon because he’s been the team’s unofficial leader. Consequently, there was a bit of uncertainty amongst them about how to handle Brutaal. My fingers are crossed Taylor won’t keep him absent for too long.

Tom Taylor, you made me happy today. Not only did the transition between writers happen smoothly (and possibly unbeknownst to some readers), but I found myself actually impressed. DC hasn’t had a great track record with creative shake ups; I dropped Swamp Thing, Animal Man and Batwoman months ago. Earth 2 #17 is a thrilling book that will pull you back into the world of wonders.

 Review Score: 7 (of 7)


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