Comic Book Reviews – Josh’s Haul 6/29/13

Justice League Dark #21

Written by: Jeff Lemire & Ray Fawkes
Art by: Mikel Janin

We get a very exciting ending just in time for Trinity War to begin. Love and Death.. and the End of the World starts things off big time we see 20 years from now, with Madame Xanadu seeing the end of the world and the death of our heroes. We come back to the House of Mystery and she realizes what must be done in order to save them all.

This was a very interesting issue in regards to Madame Xanadu and how powerful and important to this team she really is and she does what needs to be done in order to protect the world from the destruction foretold. We again got to see Flash and Swamp Thing, which is always cool seeing heroes outside of this team interact. I will note, I was not a fan of the art for Swamp Thing, but the rest of the art was really well done.

This is a fun horror/mystery series. This issue had some comedic moments but what really hits me is how well this team works together. It might seem like they don’t get a long often but out of the other Justice League titles the “outcasts” seem to get a long the most and work together the best.

Overall, with the Flash showing up and saying that the team works well together and he really feels like he belongs is going to make for a very interesting story going forward with Trinity War!

Review Score: 5 (out of 7)

Aquaman #21

Written by: Geoff Johns
Art by: Paul Pelletier & Sean Parsons

Geoff Johns has done a fantastic job at changing the perception of this character. He really has a gift with taking old heroes and making them like new. This month we see Aquaman beginning he role again as King of Atlantis. The effects of the attack on Boston are still causing problems for Aquaman and he begins trying to rebuild trust with the “land dwellers”.

The stress begins to take hold of Aquaman and he tries to find the missing weapons, meet with Vulko and learns that Mera has been taken to the Bermuda Triangle. I did enjoy the little side story about Mera and how she was supposed to be Queen of the Bermuda Triangle and had a mission to kill the King of Atlantis. When Aquaman learns where she went he goes after her. This causes his people to question him more, just as something major happens to the underwater kingdom.

Overall, I really enjoy this series and hope Johns can do to it what he did to Green Lantern. The art at times is stunning with some of the full page and large panels, but also some of the small panels look rushed and not as crisp. The book continues to impress and makes me want more after each issue.

Review Score: 5 (out of 7)

Larfleeze #1

Written by: Keith Giffen
Art by: Scott Kolins

MINE! MINE! This Review is MINE!! Well finally after all this time we finally get a Larfleeze comic. This is something that I really was not sure what to expect. I did not know if it was going to bomb, because this is a fun side character but can he hold his own title. Well, if this series is anything like the first issue Larfleeze will succeed.

We basically see Larfleeze on the edge of the universe talking to his last “possession” the butler and we learn they will be destroyed in they enter this area and that the power ring is running low. Larfleeze begins to tell his story. This is a more in depth origin story then we have ever seen. We get a lot of very funny moments but learn that it is a sad tale. I do enjoy how he refers to himself in the third person, and well as learning he is billions of years old and his race is basically immortal. He tells the butler that half of the story is true, and won’t reveal what part are not.

Overall, we get a story that was a lot of fun with an interesting situation at the end. I like how this is kind of on its own from the other Lantern titles and bring a comedic vibe with it. I am a little in different with the art. Some pages it looks excellent and other times in smaller frames I don’t like how Larfleeze looks. I am excited for more.

Review Score: 6 (out of 7)

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