Project Batman: 151 Proof Movies Hangover: Batman and Robin

Boy, tell me that isn’t a hell of a title! Instead of doing a recap of Batman and Robin, and THEN a feature for Project Batman figured would just combine the two and do this recap/review of our drunken adventures.

To the Bat-board!



I know I will get a lot of scorn from giving this movie anything other than a 1 but hear me out for a second. Don’t look at this movie the same way you look at Nolan’s or Burton’s Bat-films, look at it the way you would look at Adam West Batman. It’s cheesy, it’s corny, it’s so bad it’s good. I mean….they had to be going for that when they made this movie, right? 

Even believing that this movie is hard to sit through, with the dialogue between Batman and Robin and the many, many illogical occurrences. Another reason why I can’t give this movie a 1 is because, for me, it didn’t make me raging mad like some of our past movies have. Sure it was bad, but I had fun while watching it which is really what a movie is all about.


I’ve said it before I’d rather watch a bad movie than a boring movie. This isn’t a boring movie, not even close to it. It is however a bad movie, a very bad movie. But anyone who has seen it remembers it, whether its the horrible writing, the day-glo look or just the general awfulness that put the series in hibernation for nearly a decade. 

Also while re-watching this film (for a movie I hate have seen it WAY too often), two things actually struck me as positives. The first is the Poison Ivy entrance sequence is really a ton of fun, and really over the top but done so well. The second is the movie actually has a pretty solid score. The theme introduced in Batman Forever works just as well in this film, and the song during the Poison Ivy sequence is also remarkable.

Aside from those bright spots, the movie is a giant stinker. A sore spot on the Batman franchise with terrible performance and poor script all around. Avoid at all costs!

Drinking- 5


You knew this one would get a 5. I mean it is the movie that spawned our “Rubber Nipples” call of mercy and to make it extra fun for ourselves we were not allowed to call it. Every one of our rules kicked our ass. Obviously there was a lot of ice puns, more plants puns than I remember and A LOT of vagina jokes. Like…. wow that is a lot of vagina jokes. Our Alfred rule may have been the shocker, giving us our second highest amount of drinks. Who knew the butler would be so deadly. 

I believe I finished 6 or 7 drinks throughout this movie, which may be our highest number yet. So I definitely recommend watching this movie with alcohol, just don’t hope to do anything important the next day.


I will admit I was weak and attempted to call rubber nipples during this movie, it really is that bad. Aside from that moment(s) of weakness, this movie does a pretty good job of kicking your ass anyhow.

In the opening scene alone there’s something like a dozen drinks due to shots of them suiting up and dropping Alfred’s names like every other word. It really was a free fall from there finishing 6 beers by the end of the movie. And honestly don’t remember much of the climax, not because I was THAT wasted but just stopped paying attention to the film at that point. 

If the movie is moving too slow for you (kudos on the tolerance!), you can always add a rule to drink for every sexual innuendo they make during the film as well! Oh and finish your drink when he uses a Bat-credit card.

That will do it for the Hangover segment, but just as a brief Project Batman segment. In this film, we finally get a reason as to WHY Bruce Wayne is rich as we learn he runs Wayne Industries which has several segments across the globe. Yes, I realize we actually learn stuff like this in Returns and Forever, but going in order of write-up.

The fighting is a bit over the top, and not in the Adam West campy style, but in the too reliant on special effects that haven’t aged well sort of way.

That will do it for Batman and Robin. Thank heavens!

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