Project Batman: The Batman Theme

Project Batman was promised to be various things, and none of which I was completely sure about. But after watching Batman and Robin last night, it dawned on me that part of Project Batman has to be the various theme songs that appear in the movies.

So this article will focus on the main theme, and folks leaving their thoughts on which is the best.

Batman 1943 Serial Theme Song


Batman and Robin 1949 Serial Theme Song


The first two are a bit of a stretch since they are more like the opening to a TV show then a proper “theme song” but closest thing the serials have to a main song.

Batman The Movie (1966)


This is another interesting case since the theme song is from the TV series, but the movie also features another theme, but this one plays and is.. more recognizable.

Batman (1989)


Batman Returns


Batman: Mask of the Phantasm 


Batman Forever


Batman and Robin


Batman Begins


The Dark Knight 


Some of the twin movies (Batman/Batman Returns and Batman Forever/And Robin) have themes that shares similar elements but do differ in some sense.

Well I believe this covers all of the Dark Knight’s cinematic themes aside from Rises, but we’ll get that when we get that!

So which is your favorite? Which is stuck in your head? Which do you drive to? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Shazam says:

    What’s really cool is it seems like the Elfman one is based off the first serial. At least the very beginning of it. The font used in Batman TAS’s title cards is also very similar to the credit font used in the first serial.

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