151 Proof Hangover: New Year’s Evil Review

[After creating and then testing the drinking rules, Swan and Penguin recap their adventures with the movie. Offering their thoughts on the quality of the film itself, as well as how the drinking rules held up, and if worth using.]

When we did the rules for New Year’s Evil, we noted that there aren’t a lot of New Year’s Eve movies to pick from. After watching New Year’s Evil, I’m beginning to understand why. It isn’t the easiest holiday to craft a compelling narrative around. This movie stretches the concept a bit, and still comes up feeling a bit flat, but let’s check out why!



I had been prepared to give this movie a 3 out of 5 but two days after watching it, not much of the movie has stuck with me. The movie was mediocore at best but apparently it was very forgettable as well. I know there was a killer who killed according to the New Years countdown in different time zones but I don’t really remember any of the people who were killed or what the killers motivation was. This movie just falls in with all the typical 80’s slasher films based around holidays.


I’m going to echo a bit of what Swan said above, there’s not much to the movie. While I do remember the movie just a bit more (I know who the killer’s targets actually are), and the way he says his name, there isn’t much else that really stands out.

The killer is revealed fairly early into the film, and a bunk of the film is actually spent following him. Seeing him set up his kills and taunting.. I guess the main female lead. This is done so that the movie could throw a second major reveal at the audience.. a reveal that most people could have guessed within the first 10 minutes of the movie. A twist for twist sake isn’t so bad if the movie around it can support it, but the villain is never really given a solid motivation. At least not one I could decipher or understand. 

Then in typical 80s fashion, the main villain survives.. but I’m not even quite sure how or why.. luckily there is no sequel so it doesn’t matter. 



The reason I don’t remember much of this may have something to do with the fact that we had 2 shots and 1 beer finished in the first 15 minutes of the movie. Our “Awkward working in of the title” rule bit us in the ass this time around. The first half of this movie was actually very fast paced for drinking where as the second half fell completely flat. I think throughout we had finished about 4 beers along with the 2 shots.

Penguin- 3

Once more, going to echo what Swan said above. The strength of this movie’s drinking is within the first half of the film. The film works in the title several times, but we long establishes that a movie’s theme can’t be used against it… UNLESS the actual song is part of the movie. And they happen to have a live performance of it within the first 10 minutes of the film. That eases you into a film.

The next major rule was whenever someone referred to him as “Evil” since it happens a lot. And he isn’t too shy about bragging! The rest of the rules kind of worked in concert since he killed at the stroke of midnight, you would get a New Year’s greeting, a murder and some form of recognition all in rapid succession. They do die down quickly in the second half, but the first half will get you nice and settled to at least enjoy the film. 

New Year’s Evil is far from the worst movie we’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t even call it bad. It’s just really unremarkable. Nothing stands out about this film.. outside of the title track. But if you WANT to watch a film dealing with New Year’s Eve.. it’s worth a rental once.

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