My Video Games ABCs

This idea comes from Josh on Twitter, who got it from somewhere else, and I’m really not searching back that far!

The idea is simple enough for every little of the alphabet, I shall post my favorite game, some of them have been combined as to not spread out over the list (Super Mario for example now only has one spot instead of 4), but here they are.

A is for Assassin’s Creed 2

B is for Batman: Arkham Asylum

C is for Crackdown

D is for Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat

E is for Excitebots

F is for Flower

G is for Gears of War

H is for House of the Dead: Overkill

I is for inFamous

J is for James Bond: Everything or Nothing

K is for Kirby’s Epic Yarn
L is for Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

M is for Metroid Prime Trilogy

N is for No More Heroes

O is for Orbient

P is for Pokemon Blue

Q is for Question Mark!

R is for Resident Evil 5

S is for Super Mario

T is for Team Fortress 2

U is for Uncharted 2

V is for Viewtiful Joe

W is for WWF No Mercy

X is for X-men Legends

Y is for Yoshi’s Island

Z is for Zack and Wiki

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5 Responses

  1. ShawnS says:

    AH! So late in getting back to this. Great list and I love the imagery that goes with it. The ABCs of favorite games also turns out to be a great, quick way to get to know someone. Right there with ya on Everything or Nothing! Overkill, eh? Nice.

    I’m STILL working on mine; turns out it’s really hard to make an alphabetical list of every game I’ve ever played in my head while stuck at work.

  2. K!NG_IC3 says: My “Completely Unbiased”, not PSP or Sony love ABC’s of Video Games list 😀

  3. Loop says:

    My ABC’s of Gaming! >>

  4. Nino_M says:

    no metal gear on anyones list…except King ice everyone else FAIL!

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