Dual Wielding 41: My Little 3DS

Nintendo has announced a drastic price cut for the 3DS after 4 months on the market so of course it is the talk of the podcast. And as always, it delves into a discussion on the health of the industry as a whole. Then we move over to whatcha been playing where Adriaan can’t discuss his time with the Battlefield 3 Alpha, but Earl does share some experiences with the Resistance 3 beta!  The show finishes up somehow with a discussion of My Little Pony, Barbie’s Magical Adventures and Redneck Jamboree. As always, packed to the brim, so join us on this wild west episode of Dual Wielding!

Download ep 41 



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2 Responses

  1. Not Chad says:

    It was ok, I guess. It would be better if Chad was on, you should really get him on the next one.

    • Penguin says:

      Perhaps “Chad” shouldn’t have errands come up at the last second then!

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