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Ask a Dork – Gamer Preferences

“Do gamers like puttifang themselves inside action or do gamers prefer a more cinematic character based experience?”

Wow. This is a deceptively difficult question to answer.

The short and sweet response is that gamers enjoy both putting themselves inside action and taking in a more cinematic character based experience. This questions becomes more complex when you examine the semantics of the word “gamers”.

To be blunt, not all gamers are made the same. We each have our own preferences in terms of the types of games we like to play, how many people we like to play with, and how often we play them. Is a gamer someone who plays video games for two hours a week or twenty? Does a gamer play console games or computer games? Should we care if a gamer plays by themselves or has a massive friends list? What if someone only plays a couple times a year – should they be considered to be a gamer?

It’s also important to note that tastes change. Serious and casual gamers alike both enjoy variety in what they play. I’ve yet to meet a single individual who only played Role Playing Games or only played First Person Shooters. It’s doubtful that anyone would want to play the same type of game forever and I can see most gamers moving back and forth from action-oriented titles to cinematic titles as time passes.

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