Review Shooter: Deadly Creatures (Wii)

Sometimes, its easy to lament the game’s industry love-affair with the FPS and the brown/grey aesthetics that usually accompany them. But if you do look outside the major releases, there have been a ton of fun and experimental games released this generation. Deadly Creatures is one such game.

Released in Fen of 2009, Deadly Creatures is unique for many reasons, the first and most obvious being its main characters. While the gaming industry isn’t a stranger to games starring animals, Deadly Creatures to my memory is the first in which your an actual animal in a human world (meaning you aren’t Banjo or Conker or Star Fox in a more cartoony setting). And it makes great use of its characters, you are set to scale so environments are minor part of our every day life, and this plays remarkably well into the story. Since neither our main characters (a scorpion and spider) can speak, the story is presented by humans in the background as the two characters intersect with their own journey from time to time.

Being a Wii game, there are obviously some motion controls, mostly used for the spider/scorpion’s special attacks (the game plays out like a beat-em up.) I thought the graphics were nice for its time, again it was more tiny, confined spaces so it didn’t have to tax the Wii system too much.

Recommendation: Rent It– Its been two and a half years, you can usually find the game for like 15-20 bucks now, and its worth it at that price, but I do think its worth checking out just for the novel concept.

Sadly, I believe the studio behind the game no longer functions so it won’t do them any good in the future.

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2 Responses

  1. HHH says:

    Will you be reviewing WWE 12?

  2. Penguin says:

    If THQ wants to send me a copy, I’ll be more than willing to give the game a chance.

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