Review Shooter: Hawk & Dove #1

Writer- Sterling Gates
Artist- Rob Liefeld

Synopsis- A self proclaimed Scientist Terrorist who has created Zombie like creatures, hijacks a plane and is going to crash it into the Washington Monument. Only Hawk & Dove can stop them!

This issue does an alright job with informing you who Hawk and Dove are, and how they came to be, but there’s really not  a whole lot going on yet. You see some action scenes, you get to meet Hawk’s dad, and Deadman makes a cameo.

The art in this book is typical Liefeldian, that is to say, it’s not really Great. Liefeld has improved his skills since I last saw his work, but it’s still bad. I think there’s maybe two panels with Hawk not clenching his teeth. All the males in this book have angry faces most of the time, even when smiling.

Live or Die Scale: Die. I simply did not enjoy this book. I hope it gets better, but it probably won’t. Also, I don’t really think many people are into the whole avatar of war (Hawk) and avatar of peace (Dove) thing.

Reccomendation: Don’t Buy it.



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