Review Shooter: Booster Gold 46

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artist: Dan Jurgens & Ig Guara

Booster Gold was one of the more intriguing Flashpoint tie-ins when the arc began. It starred the only other character who remembered the DC universe proper aside from Barry Allen/The Flash. It also saw the alternate world take on one of DC’s most dangerous enemies in Doomsday. Now 3-issues in, the luster and allure of the series has rubbed off, and I’m left wondering what’s the point?

The story picks up with the continuing battle between Doomsday and Booster Gold. At the end of the last issue, the connection between Doomsday and his human-controller, General Adams, has been severed. Booster figures its his best√ā¬†opportunity√ā¬†to take out the semi-comatose Doomsday, as one would expect, things don’t go as planned. The rest of the issue pretty much plays out as one big battle between Booster and Doomsday as they battle from Gotham to the foot of Metropolis. Along the way, the military attempts to regain control of Doomsday and Booster gains a new ally.

All of that sounds decent, but this is the 3rd issue of this Doomsday/Booster battle, and it is going no where fast. This issue ends with a pretty similar cliffhanger to the first two. There’s been very little connection with Flashpoint (though there is an awesome moment when Booster discovers Wayne Casinos). We do learn more about how the Americans fear the threat of both Atlantis and the√ā¬†Amazonians. We learn that the government can be as hasty and blind as they are in DC’s universe proper. We also learn that Booster has a lot of untapped potential with his powers (being able to turn his forcefield around to contain Doomsday instead of protecting himself) But we’re not really moving. We are pretty much at the same point at the end of this issue as we were mid-way through the first issue.

One thing that has remained constantly strong throughout the arc though has been the art. Booster and Doomsday really do pop, and the action scenes and panels are given enough room to be fun and creative. I will note that with his Doomsday controlling helmet, General Adams reminds me of a certain Professor in the Marvel universe.

New Reader Accessibility: 3 I almost want to give this a 5 because the story really hasn’t progressed much. You could start with this issue and feel like you haven’t missed much, and if you have the comic pretty much recaps EVERYTHING through dialog.

Recommendation: Avoid It- The story is just a drag really. It isn’t going anywhere, and even if the payoff does eventually turn out to be amazing, it was a waste of a set-up and a tie-in. I thought the idea of a Booster Gold tie-in to an alternate reality DC had a ton of potential, but that has been wasted over the past 3 months.

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