Review Shooter: Star Wars – Blood Ties: Boba Fett is Dead 2

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Chris Scalf
Review by: Tim Taylor 

The second issue of four about the story of Boba Fett’s death (he is dead, right?) is now out. With Tom Taylor back on script and Chris Scalf on art, we pick up just where issue one left off: with some mysterious person taking out all the people involved in the killing of Fett.

I know it’s a big cliché to like Fett, and I’m a big dork with Star Wars tattoos and all, but I honestly haven’t really fallen in love with the character. Don’t get me wrong, he’s cool and all, I just am not gonna jump in line to have “like a million of his babies” or anything. That makes reviewing this particular series a pretty interesting experience for me. While I may love SW or ME or any of a number of other universes, if you follow my reviews here on NotR at all, you’ll know I’ve no problem with calling out terrible comics when I see them, regardless of my appreciation of the universe they come from.

That said, I can’t say enough good about this comic. To start, the art is outstanding. It’s an interesting mix of thick brushes on colors, but very careful detail on inks and pencils that really give it a great sense of depth. It’s not so much the type of art where you reflect later and say, “Hey, now that I think of it, that fit pretty well with the story,” but the type of art you open the book and just say, “Wow… that’s… just wow.” Everything from the reflections of light on the surroundings, the great juxtaposition of thickly-brushed colors and carefully constructed inks, to the dynamic angles on many of the panels, it all stands out in a way that really makes you notice.

In terms of the story, we pick up just where the first issue left off; with Connor Freeman (son of one of Jango Fett’s clones) being fingered for the murders of two people involved in Boba’s death. Without giving too much away, things twist and writhe under your eyes as you turn the pages, in much the way you’d expect a story about Boba to go. Is Connor responsible? Is Boba really dead? Who is the mysterious man behind the murder and what are his motives? Things only become more complex in this issue, and with that, more intriguing. If you weren’t going to pick it up anyway, I’d highly suggest grabbing this issue and its predecessor. It’s a great way into the mind and machinations of a hunter like Boba and the art is outstanding. I’d say more, but I don’t want to ruin anything, since you must, must pick this book up.


Recommendation: Buy it.

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