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It has come time, once again, for Nerds on the Rocks to evolve our review scale. While the Buy/Wait/Avoid system has served us well, we feel that as we expand our coverage that we need a more robust scale to add for better denotation of our opinion. As we said when we originally revealed the Recommendation System though, we still aren’t the biggest fans of using a numerical or alphabetical scale for numerous reasons which we won’t get into now.

Instead, we’re introducing Reviews on Deck, a system that will allow us to better relay information to our audience and focus on certain key criterias for us. We thought long and hard about a system that would be able to convey vital information, but also be extremely unique to the site and our theme. While it is a bit of a stretch (Focusing more on the idea that we’re grown from a tavern), we have decided to use a deck of cards as the basis for our new review system. Our reviews will feature two elements, both of which are explained below:

Quality Scale:

  • Joker- A bit of a wild card. There’s just too much wrong with it to really recommend so best to keep it out of your hand.
  • Jack- A card with some potential, but really rough around the edges. It may be worth it at some point, but not now.
  • Queen- A nice solid product. On the edge, it’s not necessarily a safe bet, but you won’t be upset with it.
  • King- Strong, reliable and almost undefeatable. There’s just a few elements keeping it from being the best product you can have.
  • Ace- A keeper. Something you hold near and dear to you. No matter the circumstance.

The Diamond Standard:

At the end of each review, along with our rating, you may or may not see the above image. The Diamond is our way to let you know whether we think the experience justifies its current asking price.

There you have it, we will do our best to explain the score during our actual review, but this guide should come in handy.

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