Review Shooter: Green Lantern 67

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Doug Mahkne

The War of The Green Lantern has finally ended. And like any great war, there has been causalities, but the way it is handled in the Green Lantern books is most interesting. Coming on the heels of the DC Reboot in just a few weeks, the change to the status quo of the Lantern Corps is most interesting. While it does offer up a new story, it does have a ton of built in history.

But that is then, this is now. The issue picks up where the last one left (sorry if I can’t remember exactly which book that was) with the Green Lanterns free of Parallax’s control, and taking the fight to Krono and the entity-controlled Guardians. We get a ton of interesting visual shots throughout the course of this fight, and the book to be honest. Perhaps, the most interesting piece of the fight though is how the Lanterns choose to combat the Guardians. As Kyle pointed out, in order for Hal and Kyle to break free of Parallax’s control they had to have a great emotional break-through, the Guardians do not feel emotion. So instead of attacking them on an emotional plane, they set their focus on the entities themselves.

While it sounds good in theory, the execution is pretty piss-poor or never really followed up properly in the issue. As a matter of fact, a lot of this issue just feels rushed. After spanning 10 issues, you would think Johns would have had a better grasp on the pacing of the story, and the emotional beats he wanted to hit. There’s a lot crammed into this issue, and none of it really feels complete.

Aside from the major change to the status quo of the Green Lanterns Corps, which I hinted at before. As the previews teased, yes one of our 4 Earth-based Green Lanterns is no more, but that doesn’t mean sector 2814 will go unprotected for long. The twist sets up an interesting dynamic for the series going forward, but again I feel like it was kind of rushed in its execution.

While I won’t ruin the surprise of the new Lantern, I will touch on the ending. And state once more, that the Guardians of Oa have proven once again why they are perhaps the worst characters in all of comics. No matter what becomes of them, their world, their Corps or the numerous mistakes they end up making. They always come back with an air of arrogance and authority that just isn’t befitting someone in their position. At some point, the universe will have to turn against them soundly. To have them continue to be in a position of power and authority, while they make the biggest blunders in the cosmos just seems unreasonable.

As hinted at before, the art in the book is fantastic. I’ve always loved the use of colors, and the emotional spectrum really allows for some magnificent imagery. This issue is no different with a ton of great shots and scenes splashed across the page.

New Reader Accessibility: 1 This is the conclusion of a storyline that’s been going on for a few months, but more importantly it plays into the history of the character (Kyle draws!) and the events that led up to this war. While it would be a noble jumping on place, I’d just wait the 6 weeks for the new number one/status quo to be in effect.

Recommendation: Avoid At the end of the day, the event ends with a whimper not a bang. There’s a giant change in the corps, but it feels rushed and isn’t even properly explained in the issue. If you have been reading the War-saga, you could do no harm finishing it up. But for anyone else, pass.

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