Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Or for friends who aren’t Americans, the other name.

This one is a fairly simple point, I can’t really remember the books that well, but the movie I saw recently. And how screwed up is Harry’s life that he runs away with a complete stranger, who is a giant of a man and a bit hairy just to get away from his family?

You got to imagine the Dursleys’ are some evil evil beings.

And on the subject of the movie, it is like 9 years old and has had 5 sequels with another one due in 5 days so you probably formed your opinion of it anyhow.

The short and simple of it, is it does a great job of establishing the world of Harry Potter, which there is a lot to set-up. This however doesn’t make for the most exciting movie so I would watch for the magic, but don’t expect anything close to a good movie in here.

Recommendation is tough because you really have to see it to understand the latter movies, but on its own its passable.

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