Review Shooter: War of the Green Lanterns: Aftermath 1

Writer: Tony Bedard
Artists: Miguel Sepulveda & Tyler Kirkham

Emotions run high as the Lantern Corps deals with the aftermath of Krona’s attack. 

Last week, I wrote about Green Lantern Corps, which focused on John Stewart and a new recruit’s reaction to the whole fiasco. This week, we get a much wider glimpse at the damage the War of the Green Lanterns has caused. The first few pages heat up as the Corps seems to finally have enough of the Guardians’ bull and look to do something about it. But before the whole situation can get out of hand Salaak is able to allow cooler heads to prevail.

The rest of the issue sees the Guardians go off with their newest Green Lantern, Sinestro, while the other Lanterns are left to just react to the events. We see that most all of the Lanterns aren’t happy with Stewart’s decision to off Mogo, and even when Kyle comes to his aide, we find that the two may not have reconciled their differences over the event yet. Hal is now stranded on Earth without his power ring. Most importantly, there is a task force of Lanterns being created to deal with the Corps newest problem.

It leads to an interesting, but uneventful cliffhanger. We know that Sinestro will be around at the start of the Green Lantern books in Sept so having this huge, we will kill him cliffhanger, just doesn’t work as well.

As I noted last week, it is nice for the Green Lanterns’ tale to take a bit of a break. The entire series has been wrapped up in one cosmic event after another. After 3-4 years, it is time they kind of took a much smaller and intimate tale to heart. The reactions of the Corps and even the Guardians is to be expected. Emotions are running hot and heavy because everyone feels violated in their own way. Everyone makes rash decisions, but some are talked out of it. Others do their best to keep their poker face on, but their bluff is called.

The art in the book is extremely solid, though the pages I found to be most interesting were the ones at the start of the comic. I guess Earth stands out a bit more when 95% of your book is spent in space.

New Reader Accessibility: 4 Since this might as well be the epilogue to the last 5 months of Green Lantern stories, there really isn’t much in this book you wouldn’t understand if you haven’t been reading. Some elements such as why Hal starts the book on Earth and the likes are glossed over, but aren’t essential to the story being told here.

Recommendation: Borrow it! I would recommend buying it. Its a solid read, but like I said its an epilogue really, and if you haven’t been following the saga, it just really does little for a new reader. Still a good solid read with decent art goes a long way.


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