Review Shooter: Resurrection Man 1

Reviewed by Evil Pilgrim

Writers: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Art: Fernando Dagnino
Colors: Santi Arcas


Things start fast in this first issue of Resurrection Man. Opening in a morgue late at night with commentary from our main character. As he “resurrects” we find out that his main gift is to come back from the dead with a different “ability” every time. This time it’s magnetism. We also find out that each time he comes back it is for a specific purpose. “Each time I come back, I have a new…thing that I just have to do.” Thus compelling our hero to catch a plane. Here on the plane we meet “Sue” and finally find out Resurrection Mans name, “Mitch”. Things take off from there in a non stop fashion. If I continue this summary, well…you wouldn’t read the book then, would you?

My Take: 

I am a huge fan of this character, I have just recently finished reading the first series of Resurrection Man books and was very hyped to read this new series. I was also pleasantly surprised to see which characters would be in this new series from the old. Everything about this book seemed edgier. For example, in the original series, Mitch had a run in with the character ‘Lament’ who appeared to me as an angel who wanted desperately to take Mitchs soul to the afterlife because he was long overdue. In the new series, it appears that Angels AND Demons will be playing a large role in the race for Resurrection Mans soul. I like this.

The writing team of DnA is the same writers who wrote the first series. So they are no strangers to this world. Not only did they bring this back in a more contemporary fashion, they made it more grim. Giving Mitch this compulsion to do things he feels he MUST after he resurrects, is new and gives the book more drive. At least it felt that way to me. I have been following this writer team for some time now (Marvel Cosmic) that I feel no shame in saying that these two fine writing machines are one of my favourites.

The art by Fernando Dagnino is very nice. Reminds me of Paul Pelletier spliced with Butch Guice. The first splash page of Mitch resurrecting, grabbed my attention right away. The man has some sweet lines. I really liked it. I look forward to more from him. Santi Arcas on colors was the final nail that made me drool for my print version of this book. (Yes, I read it digitally on Comixology) Therefore, I must say that the creative team seems to already by one well oiled machine. That’s pretty good for a first issue!

Live or Die: Live of course, death is only an option if we need a new super power!

Recommendation: Buy this book because RM has huge potential

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