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Comic Book Review – Spider-Woman #1

Spider- Woman #1 Writer: Dennis Hopeless Penciler: Greg Land Inker: Jay Leisten Colorist: Frank D’Armata Letterer: Travis Lanham Finally! Jessica Drew gets her own solo title spinning out of Spider-Verse! Let me start out...

Comic Book Review – Secret Avengers #5

Secret Avengers #5 Writer: Ales Kot Artist: Michael Walsh Colorist: Matthew Wilson Cover: Tradd Moore “I believe sincerely, that there is a way to improve the world.” I really like reading this group of...

Duel Wielding 30: Project PSN Rescue

Duel Wielding 30: Project PSN Rescue

Its been an interesting few weeks for the PSN, Sony’s up and down rollercoaster ride takes up the bulk of this podcast. Is their compensation enough? What games would really win over the gaming...