Review Shooter: Green Lantern 2

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Doug Mahnke 

The more things changes, the more they stay the same. Seems to be a motto that can usually be fitted across comic-dom. Death is never permanent. Sidekicks take over for heroes before the heroes return to their original costume. Teams are re-arranged and then re-united. So it should come as no surprise, that this issue brings Hal Jordan back on-board as a Green Lantern. Hey, just be happy it lasted an entire issue. That doesn’t mean the comic doesn’t present an interesting little wrinkle on the whole story.

We find Hal and Sinestro where we left them, just a month ago, with Sinestro trying to talk to Hal in his apartment. Of course, Hal gets a little enraged seeing his arch-nemesis sporting his former ring, and doesn’t listen to reason. And Hal being Hal attempts to attack Sinestro, and that goes about as well as one would expect. Sinestro smacks him around a bit, and of course taunts him some more.

There is a purpose for his visit however, as he crafts a new Lantern ring for Hal to wear. Hal,being ever so gracious for his gift, turns around and uses it on Sinestro. And this is where the fun little wrinkle of the story comes in. Since this isn’t an official Lantern ring, and one crafted by Sinestro, he has complete control over it. So Hal is only able to use as much power as Sinestro wants him to have, it doesn’t work against Sinestro, and Sinestro can de-power the ring whenever he chooses to.

This dynamic actually works well in the comic. Its better than Hal doing some noble feat to bring him back into the good graces of the Guardians, and we kind of get to see Sinestro be a dick, which is a role he plays so well. The interesting thing about this whole relationship though, is Sinestro tends to be right. I mean when you kind of look at their track record, Hal tends to win out in the end because he doesn’t care, where Sinestro probably cares just too much. And I think Johns does a terrific job of showcasing that during one of the comic’s action scenes. Where Hal attempts to save a lady and car that have fallen off a bridge (focusing more on the immediate threat), where as Sinestro decides to save the bridge since it is the longer term threat here.

I don’t know how long this dynamic will remain fresh and fun, but for now it does add a nice new twist to the Green Lantern book. And honestly, it has gotten me on-board the comic more than issue 1 did.

I’ve mentioned before, the art in the Lantern book is usually at its best when we get a ton of creative constructs because the artist can spread their wings. We don’t get many, but we do get some awesome ones in here, including Sinestro’s floating platform and his giant sword. Not only that, but visually the monster on display in this comic is a visual treat. So solid art all around.

New Reader Accessibility: 3 This is a tough one to call, since it really doesn’t rely too much on prior knowledge, but it does play into the history/relationship of the characters, and is a better read if you understand that. That said, nothing in here will exactly scare off new readers.

Recommendation: Buy It After a somewhat weak summer, it seems like Johns is back on his game. The new twist shall be fun for an arc or two so its worth checking out.

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