Review Shooter: Suicide Squad 3

Writer: Adam Glass
Artist: Cliff Richards

Seems like Suicide Squad plans to live up to its name, not only is it about a group of villains who are sent on deadly/life-threatening missions, but it really does seem like the writer intends to set the stakes high. Turmoil finds the team from inside or outside of their little clique!

Issue 3 of the Suicide Squad picks up near the end of the evacuation period for our team, and slowly flashbacks to the events that led to their current stand-off. We see them exchanging their more colorful outfits for streets, and go into town to pick up some essentials. One thing I’ve made note of while reviewing this series has been Harley’s costume, and somehow the outfit she picks for herself becomes even more skimpy than what she is already wearing in the series. I really don’t know if its a fetish of the writer or artist, but its just bizarre. Though, I will say at least this outfit has an interesting pay-off when Harley uses her feminine charms at the grocery store.

Other than that, this is more of a character driven issue than an action-packed one. We get Harley and Deadshot almost doing the nasty (because at this point, every chick in the new DC has to hook up in their comic), but that is interrupted by Waller. We get some comical bits with King Shark, and some bonding between El Diablo and Black Spider. The end of the comic shows the team being√ā¬†replenished√ā¬†as two more members join the fray.

The art for the most part is solid in the book. I know a lot has been made of Waller’s thinner design, but can we also shed some light on the fact that they robbed Deadshot of his fantastic facial hair? He just looks so plain without it. It makes me sad.

Recommendation: Avoid It I still like the series, and its still a ton of fun, but this seemed more like filler than anything else. I think they need to start telling a proper story before the idea of the series falls flat.


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  1. David H. says:

    this review sucks. you haven’t given a real reason here about why the series should be avoided except for more bitching about Harley’s costume and sexually. you should have changed your tampon before you read it. this is how the review should have gone:

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