Review Shooter: Ultimate Fallout 4

Writers: Brian Michael Bendis, Jonathan Hickman & Nick Spencer
Artists: Sara Pichelli, Salvador Larroca & Clayton Crain

The cat has been out of the bag (even before this issue hit comic shops) that a new Spider-man is revealed in this book. What you may not know is that’s the extent of his involvement in this comic. There are 3 different stories presented in this book, and very little of it actually deals with the death of Peter Parker. 

The first story deals with the new Spider-man, Miles Morales if you haven’t heard, most of the story deals with what seems like his first gig as Spider-man. He encounters a villain named Kangaroo and half of the audience is telling him the costume is in bad taste (curious how Marvel/Bendis plan to explain that anyhow) and that’s pretty much it. At the end of the segment, it is revealed to be Miles, which we’ve all seen.

Then the book switches focus to Reed Richards, and honestly I don’t read anything aside from Ultimate Spider-man so this was a bit jarring. Apparently Reed went crazy in the Ultimate universe, and his friends trapped him in the Negative Zone. He is now free and forming an army of sorts to solve the world’s problems. Sounds about as hokey as my description.

Finally, the last story deals with Valerie Cooper, doing some research into a dying mutant. I skipped most of it really. And the final reveal shall set the tone for the Ultimate universe going forward I assume.

SPOILERS! Mutants are a product of the United States government.

In addition to having three different stories, we’re also given three different artist, which can make for a good and interesting read. In this case, I found it more distracting than anything especially when the last art style is so radically different than the two presented before it. That’s not to say any of the art is bad, but really its there for such a short period of time, I wouldn’t buy it dinner.

New Reader Accessibility: 2 You would think that with an issue that has the general public buzzing, Marvel would have done their best to present their best foot. Instead, we are given a story that deals with events not even presented in the Ultimate Spider-man comics and may serve to confuse more than anything. And that’s the other thing, they introduce the new Spider-man and then they move on with the story without acknowledging it further.

Recommendation: Pass It– I realize this is a historic issue with the reveal of the first half-black, half-Hispanic Spider-man, but that doesn’t give it a pass for being a bad issue. Honestly, I would wait until Miles stars in his own series. This comic isn’t worth a read.

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