Author: Trent Seely


X-Men 101: How to Start Reading X-Men

You have a passing interest in the X-Men, Marvel’s long-running analogy for heroism in the face of bigotry, but have no idea where or how to start reading the comics. It is a continuity...


X-Men 101: Weird Mutants

Evolution is a funny thing. While the X-Men are known for their powerful, unique abilities many children of the atom become kinda weird when they hit puberty. The X-gene is interesting as it more...


X-Men 101: Mutants and Inhumans

You’ve probably heard about Mutants. They’ve had a few movies. A classic cartoon with an epic theme song too. You may not have heard too much about the Inhumans though. Even if you’ve watched...


Until Dawn – Review

Until Dawn is an interactive survival horror title that blurs the line between film and video game. While the player has a certain degree of agency as the plot progresses, the many branching paths...


Date Night Gaming – Until Dawn

NOtR’s premier let’s play YouTube channel returns this week with a very special Halloween episode. We cover the first little chunk of Until Dawn. Check it out:


You Can Stream This: Zombie Wars

Halloween is fast approaching, and once again I’ve decided to do a spooky series of features for NotR to celebrate the occasion. In the past I had chronicled must-see underrated horror flicks, but the...