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Top 7 Football Movies

With the Superbowl still fresh in our minds, we take a look at the best football movies!


Ask a Dork: E3 Predictions

What do you expect out of the Big 3 at E3? What do you want to see from them? What do you want to see more of/less of in general at the show? Hmm....


Ask a Dork: 2014 Releases (Thus Far)

What releases this year so far have impressed you (any and all mediums)? Since I’m way behind in my comics and novels (seriously, I have a mad stacks to get to before I even...


Ask a Dork: RPG Cast

What RPG game do you think has the most diverse and interesting cast of characters? Firstly, I think there are two very different questions going on here. Diverse and interesting are pretty different adjectives...


Ask a Dork: Motherly Love

What are some of your favorite mother/children relationship in modern entertainment? Call me crazy, but my favourite mother/child relationships are the terribly messed up ones. There’s no preference as far as media format goes...

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Ask a Dork: Online Reception and Product Failure

Do you think online reception is important to a product’s early success/failure? I’d say “early success/failure” in itself is irrelevant. After all, initial reaction doesn’t define the product’s future. There are two very important...


Ask a Dork: Character Tropes

“What are character tropes you would like to see retired?” There are three character tropes I would love to see put on the back-burner: the fool for love, the chosen one, and the klutz....


Ask a Dork: Sick & Lazy

“What are some productive things you would recommend a person while sick?” Honestly? You’re going to have to limit your productivity somewhat if you’re sick. The most important thing you can do while under...