Here’s 3 handpicked reviews from the past week aka Mack Daddy Dan’s DYNO-MITE Dynamite Reviews For Non-Jive Turkeys (the name is a work in progress):


Writer: Frank TieriRSTower04-Cov-Conner

Art: Cezar Razek

After the last chapter, I wasn’t sure how Sonja would be getting “a head” in this story (get it – because she was decapitated *rim shot*) but don’t count a good warrior woman out just yet. I have to admit – seeing the Hyborian Age clash against otherworldly invaders was strange at first but this last issue answers questions, even if it may wrap things up a bit too conveniently for some. It still manages to be particularly brutal (they don’t call her Red Sonja for nothing) so don’t think too much and enjoy the climactic carnage.

Review 5 (out of 7)

Vampi100-Cov-A-JuskoVAMPIRELLA #100

Writers: Nancy A. Collins, Tim Seeley, Eric Trautmann, Mark Rahner, Brandon Jerwa

Artists: Francesco Mann, Dave Acosta, Eman Casallos, Javier Miranda-Garcia, Gabriel Mayorga

Dude – they opened with a story on Drakulon.. in Black & White! That throwback to the Warren days alone was worth the price of admission for me. That’s not to diminish the rest of the book, which sees Vampi encounter a troll, vampire babies, and even some paranormal TV personalities. It’s a fun centennial celebration for our blood sucking heroine that Vampi-virgins may want to check out and die-hard fans won’t want to miss.

Review 5 (out of 7)

THE TWILIGHT ZONE: Shadow & Substance #1

Writer: Mark RahnerTZSS01-Cov-A-Vilanova

Artist: Edu Menna

In only my second review (https://nerdsontherocks.com/comic-review-twilight-zone-lost-tales-3/), I gave a pretty low score to another one of Mr. Rahner’s Twilight Zone books. However, I had not written the author off, more recognizing the limits of compressing 3 stories with all their twists and turns into only 48 pages. In Shadow & Substance, Rahner has ample room to create his characters and build the town of Scoville, which is.. behind the times, let’s say. This time travel tale reads like a dark Back to the Future. I don’t want to give a lot away so I’ll just say I will definitely be reading the next issue.

Review 6 (out of 7)

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