Catwoman Viewing Party

As we get ready to put 2017 to bed, we wanted to get a jump on 2018 by making one of our Resolutions to do more viewing parties of our terribly awesome movies.

To kick-off this hopefully new tradition, we’re going to revisit one of our “favorite” bad movies in Catwoman. Why Catwoman? Mostly because it’s available on American Netflix and that’s an easy way to avoid folks having to purchase a bad movie!

We’re still working on the finer details (Whether to use Discord’s new Video Chat or Stick with Google Hangouts), but we’re prepared to end 2017 with the Feline Queen.

The trailer above so you know what you’re in for!

Now let’s sauce up the details.

  • What: Catwoman
  • When: Friday December 29th,2017 at 10pm Et/7pm PT
  • Where: Google Hangout/Discord
  • Who: All Of You, Everyone is Invited
  • Why: Because everyone needs to… end 2017 in style.
  • How: Available for streaming on Netflix.

And we’ll be dusting off the ole 151 Proof Drinking Game for Catwoman for this one.


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