151 Proof Movies: The Happening

So it is happening (see what I did there) we’re watching another M. Night movie this week, and not just ANY M. Night movie, according to some of our lovely fans, the WORST M. Night movie, which is a TALL order. The Happening.. is a movie with quite the reputation while I have not seen it personally, I believe it is the one to have the most offensive twist. At least, that’s the way people told him.

Anyhow, I (along with Swan) get to discover that this week. Until then, let’s get to the drunk board!

  1. The Whisper in the Wind– This rule comes to us courtesy of DarthMonachus¬†and ShawnS52, who have promised they aren’t trying to kill us. Every time the wind blows grass or leaves, take a drink.
  2. The Trees Have Eyes– Every time a shot of an ominous tree is shown, take a drink.
  3. The Cause of This…– Every time they attempt to explain what is causing the attack, take a drink!

This time we are short on rules, but I’ve been informed that the first two are good enough for the show! We shall find out. So join us on Friday over twitter with hashtag #151PM or come back over the weekend as we break down The Happening.

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