151 Proof Movies Hangover: The One

The One. The One. There is so much to be said if you are The One.

Let’s just get to the score board!


Swan- 3

I have never been a big watcher of Jet Li movies, no reason why I just tend to prefer my action movie with explosions and guns over martial arts and spiritualism. That being said I had seen this movie before when I was younger and I had remembered enjoying it. And you know what, I still had fun with this movie, not to the level when I was younger but it is a decent action flick.

The story does lag through the whole movie to the point where it is just there to set up the final fight between Jet Li’s. The acting and the dialogue are forgettable and for a movie that is primarily about fighting there were not as many action sequences as I would have liked. The action scenes we did get were a blast to watch though, culminating in the final Jet Li vs Jet Li showdown that we had all been waiting for. It was very interesting watching it just thinking about the methods they must have went to film the scene. It must have taken three times longer than a normal fight scene to shoot.

All in all, I recommend giving this movie a watch, maybe don’t go hunting for it but if it happens to be on the telly give it a shot.


The movie feels like it forgoes the traditional 3-act structure to really just focus on building up the climax of the film. It isn’t a bad thing, it just feels different because so much of the movie feels like build-up.

Aside from the odd structure, the film isn’t bad. I believe when writing the original article, I mentioned middling movies, and that is exactly what this is. It doesn’t do anything remarkable to be truly special, but it doesn’t fumble the ball and turn out awfully. Instead, it is a solid and fun 90 minute movie. That has special effects that are really dated at this point. 

I also felt nothing for the characters, aside from the Laws (Yulaw, Law and Lawless), I couldn’t tell you any of the characters’ names nor their personalities really. And eh it happens!



This movie kicked my ass. I had to call in RN in the final 10 minutes on account of the amount of Jet Li kicks going on. It was like… three kicks a second, minimum. I believe the kick rule was really our killer rule, with the spoken Universe being a close second. The death rule is always effective in an action movie, to the point where I wouldn’t be surprised if we missed a few drinks. Really the only rule that didn’t get much work was the twinteraction rule. Other than that I believe we made a great set of rules.


We actively had to give up on following the rules during the climax because it was coming at you so fast and furious. Between the kicking, twin-interactions (including a final switcharoo) and slo-mo, the climax alone could get most normal people wasted.

But it wasn’t just that, the opening narration of the movie has 3 drinks, and I was through my first beer within the first 7 mins of the movie. And the pace never really slowed down after that. Not necessarily a bad thing, it means the rules work and they work well.

If you want to get wasted on a decent movie, this is one of the best!

The One is perhaps one of the better movies we have done for 151 Proof Movies. It wasn’t a movie in which we were drinking to enjoy it, but to drink. It is an entertaining flick on its own, that is only enhanced by the level of alcohol you consume under our rules. I think it is a worthy effort, and perhaps should carve out a night to check it out!

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