151 Proof Movies: Spider-man 3 Drinking Game

Sometimes, you need to move backwards before you can move forward. Or in this case, it’s a fancy way of saying we need to do Spider-man 3 since we couldn’t do it a few weeks ago when originally planned before the Amazing Spider-man. Instead of ignoring it completely like smart people, we have decided to give the movie another go!

Everyone take out your web shooters, we’re heading to the rule book!

  1. PARKER!– Every time Peter is referred to as Parker, take a drink.
  2. All Organic!– Every time Peter uses his webbing, take a drink.
  3. That Parker Charm– Every time Peter is a douche/ass/aggressive towards someone, take a drink. Take two if he is abusive towards a female!
  4. It’s All in the Gimmick– Every time new Goblin uses a Pumpkin bomb, Sandman morphs his appearance or Venom shoots webs, take a drink!
  5. Saturday Night Spider-Fever– Finish your drink when the Spider-man dance sequence begins.

That’s it for Spider-man 3. As a bonus, we’ll be checking out the movie tonight… *Pretends to be excited* As always you can join the fun by using hashtah #151PM

Find out the results with the 151 Proof Movies Hangover: Spider-man 3 Review.

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