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151 Proof Movies Hangover: Under Siege

Die Hard is one of.. if not my personal favorite… action movie of all-time. So an imitation can go one of two ways really, it can destroy the core concept that makes Die Hard great and turn to a terrible movie or it knows the beats that makes for a fun ride. Luckily, Under Siege seemed to know what made Die Hard special as it is a fun 2 hours of action and thrills. While it does have a few missteps, it a respectable action movie.


Swan- 4

Under Siege is one of those films from my childhood that I used to love and watch just about every week. It has everything a growing boy needs, violence, explosions, gun fights, fisticuffs, and a naked lady. Having not seen this movie since I was young, I was afraid it would not live up to my fond memories but my fear turned out to be silly. This is an awesome, mindless action movie, that everyone needs to see. It is almost the perfect example of a 90’s action flick.

√ā¬†Penguin- 4

Expectations are the name of the game. I really don’t expect much from a Steven Seagal movie, but mind-less fun. And this movie delivers in spades really. Yes, it tries to copy the Die Hard formula, and doesn’t√ā¬†succeed√ā¬†completely, but it is still a blast from beginning to end. Aside from Seagal’s performance though, I have to give a special mention to the supporting cast namely Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Busey, who play some of the hammiest villains I’ve ever seen in a movie, and they seem to be having a blast doing it. It is a fun time, so worth your time.√ā¬†

Drinking- 3.5

Swan- 3

This was a well paced drinking movie, at least with the rules we were going off of. The death and explosion rules are always going to get you drinking in an action film and Under Siege had some awesome deathings. Our spoken rule this time, every time someone says chef or cook, got us quite a few drinks as well, seeing how the movie wanted us to know that he is just a chef but kicks ass anyways. Our other two rules were a little less awesome, being the disobeying of an order and every time someone salutes. The Disobeying one is a very subjective rule, making it difficult to call while the Saluting only came into effect in the final shot of the movie, with hundreds of sailors saluting.

Earl- 4

I said it during our viewing, but I felt the movie was perfectly paced for drinking. I reached my 3rd beer about the halfway mark of the movie roughly. And I think 5 beers is a good enough buzz for any movie (of average duration). Then the second half of the movie happened, and with like all good action movies, the kills and explosions came fast and steady so the drinking rate increased√ā¬†exponentially. So its a bit more√ā¬†lopsided√ā¬†towards the back-half of the movie, but you’ll have a good time with the rules no matter what.√ā¬†

That was Under Siege, a fun movie to watch and a fun movie to drink to. I would recommend checking it out in any condition!


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