151 Proof Movies: Dumb and Dumberer Drinking Game

Sometimes, you are stricken by an idea that is both brilliant and awful but you want to see how it works. One such idea is the inspiration for all the movies we’ll be watching this month for 151 Proof Movies.

Jim Carrey-less sequels. For a stretch of time, Jim Carrey made some truly inspired and amazing comedies. For whatever reason though, he wasn’t big into sequels. However, movie execs had these huge brands they wish to capitalize on.. so we got several sequels to some of Carrey’s best comedies… without him in the movie at all. 4 to be exact.. just enough for a month of mayhem.

Before we introduce this week’s movie, there will be two major over-arching drinking rule throughout these movies.

  • “Do You Remember?“- Every time a film attempts to make you laugh by repeating or paying homage to a famous scene from the original movie, take a drink.
  • “Do I Make You Laugh?”– If the movie manages to illicit an actual laugh from you with a joke (not laughing at how bad the movie is or some stupid logic), take a shot!

This should get us through a few of these films.

The first film on our docket, if you didn’t guess by the title is Dumb and Dumberer When Harry Met Lloyd, a prequel to the original Dumb and Dumber starring Derek Richardson and Eric Christian Olsen. Not that it is important to you, but let’s get to the rules!

  1.  Got to Go Potty- Whenever the movie goes for immature humor, potty jokes, fart jokes, etc, take a drink of shame!.
  2. Harry! Lloyd!- When the main characters refer to each other by their first name, take a drink!
  3. A Special Bunch- If someone refers to Harry and Lloyd as “special”, take a very “special” drink.
  4. That’s Not Hygienic!- When the principal and teacher make out, take a drink.

That’s it for the rules. We’ll be starting the film soon. As always can join us on twitter by following hashtag #151PM

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