151 Proof Movies: Street Fighter: The Party!

This week marks the 3rd anniversary of 151 Proof Movies, an odd staple on this site. As myself and Swan go through a category of mixed movies with our own brand of drinking games.

The very first film we did was Street Fighter: The Movie, and since then we’ve decided to make it tradition to watch the film every year (except the 2nd year where we watched The Legend of Chun-Li), and to kind of liven it up this year, we want as many people as possible to watch with us.

We tend to aim for Friday nights around 10PM ET/7pm PT so it’s relatively fair for both coasts. We are working on the design, but were thinking either a Google Hangout or a TinyChat… well chat to get a bunch of people involved. And the best part is, you don’t even need to own Street Fight as it is currently available to stream on Netflix! So let us know if you will be interested, and we’ll have more formal information on Thursday!

Street Fighter: The Movie on Netflix 

Street Fighter: The Movie on Xfinity 


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  1. Jay V says:

    Streaming in Netflix??? I. AM. SO. THERE.

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