The Flash Season 4 Review – Girls Night Out


With the marriage on the horizon it’s time for parties. So the men and women of Team Flash get to go on bachelor/bachelorette parties. Thus we get a cameo appearance from Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) of Arrow. Iris (Candice Patton) extends an invite to Cait (Danielle Panabaker) for the festivities. Cait obviously looking like she wants to leave the city, gets caught unaware by Iris. Iris wants Ms. Snow at her party for the festivities. Caitlin in an attempt to distance her self make note they aren’t exactly friends. Well their work friends at least and um that doesn’t really count. So Iris sees it as a chance for them to get closer. Also it’s important to note; both have been there for the other for years. So Cait, Cecil, Iris and Felicity are all onboard.

The gentlemen for their bachelor party head over the casa de West. Here the enjoy a very quiet and pedestrian party. Which involves old movies of Barry (Grant Gustin) during his childhood to reflect. This is nice and wholesome but is this isn’t exactly a party.

As if summoned by the batsignal, Dibny (Hartley Sawyer) crashes the G rated show. He then suckers the crew to a dive bar. Did I mention how great Plastic Man is? Any who, the guys begin to enjoy themselves.  They even manage to get Barry drunk. This wasn’t touched since season 1, but Cisco (Carlos Valdes) concocts a drink strong enough to get Barry drunk. Thus from this point on we get drunk Barry.


Across the city, the ladies are having a quiet dinner. Well they were until Cait has an uninvited guest. A dark and brooding man, Norvok (Mark  Sweatman). They make the mistake of him being a stripper but a meta human having a tentacle eye kinda kills that idea. The stress of you know, possibly dying triggers Cait’s change to Killer Frost. She make short work of the would be  attacker and equally freaks out the ladies. So much for a quiet night?

The gentlemen are enjoying whatever they can of the dive bar. Meanwhile we are the audience get to see a legitimately drunk Barry. He actually spends this entire episode as a civilian, a series first.  Drunk Barry is an interesting character, he apparently finds everything funny. Joe (Jessie L Martin) is still weighed down by his new fatherhood is sort of lost in thought or…freedom. As he ponders on the difficulties of clockwork. A young dancer makes it to the stage, whom happens to be Cecil’s (Danielle Nicolet) daughter, Joanie. Hello Awkward alert!


The conversation between Joe and Joanie is great. It’s a mix of concern, speechlessness and why. Her reasoning was to study female empowerment for experiences’ sake. Also drunk Barry is living it up. Dibny kinda starts up a brawl and gets the guys thrown into jail. Man, they are having a hell of a night. Actually it’s refreshing to see them taking the backseat in an episode

The ladies elsewhere hurry back to Star Labs left to their own dealing with Killer Frost’s situation. They soon find themselves at an abandoned warehouse and face to face with a female crime boss, Amunet (Kate Sackoff). Turns out she’s also a meta human. With magnetic powers that allow her to fire metal shards like bullets or from armor. That’s pretty bad and good! Now, the reason she wanted Frost back was for work. She has a new must have drug on the streets up for sale.

The drug is actually the tears from a meta human. When he’s harmed and cries in pain, he then produces tears that create one hell of a high. Now this made watching the episode difficult at time. Seeing a defenseless man get harmed for his tears isn’t fun to say the least. Kudos to the writers for the storyline. To prey on someone for the sake of benefit is how the drug game works.


By the way what of the guys during this time? Well everyone was thrown in jail for the bar business. Barry is also experiencing one hell of a hangover. During this time he and best TV Dad have a heart to heart. Joe is worried that in his old age, he may not be able to care fro his newborn. Barry, speaking as his eldest son tells him that shouldn’t be a concern. It shouldn’t considering how Joe has an entire family with him and he’s not alone.

With the guys in jail the ladies take it upon themselves to handle the meta human mission at hand. Killer Frost just wants to put people on ice. The moral dilemma here is that we need keep “killer” as just a name not label. Breaking up a drug cartel sounds like very dangerous business. Thankfully we have a team of very resourceful and talented women to protect Central City. Things almost go to hell in a hand basket but the team prevails. Frost does have the chance to kill but she decides against it. Back at Star Labs Cait take the opportunity to speak to the team about herself and Killer Frost. So I guess this means Killer Frost is also a series regular.


Our episode ends as the Thinker finds the metahuman who was a drug factory. Supposedly he needs him for more. Honestly, this episode was both interesting and welcomed. I’m not certain if more female heroine focused episodes are coming but they need to. It was executed well enough. Though at times things felt off where you have drunk Barry and a serious drug cartel. Hey we have Killer Frost’s playing nice though.


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