The Flash Season 3 Review – Infantino Street – Same time, Same Place


Can you believe were one episode away from the end of season 3? With that being said spoiler warning for our review of this week’s episode. Our episode opens to Aurora’s ‘Murder Song”. During this opening minutes its less than 24 hours until Iris’ death. As its a few minutes past midnight, all of Team Flash is feeling the weight of the event drawing closer. Its a somber opening as their action coincide with Aurora’s song. We arrive at Iris and Barry bed, what follows is simply conversation. Our episode begins as we she Ms West recording a message on Barry’s phone.

So Cisco eventually finds a power source for the speed force bazooka. We arrive to the BFFs at A.U.R.G.U.S. Speaking with lyla, she reveals that they detected she’s holding Dominator tech. Due to Barry’s tampering he relationship with the director isn’t the best. So he’s denied outright. Afterwards, Mr. Allen resolves to merely break in to steal the item. Unfortunately, he can’t use his powers for the heist. Instead he opts to recruit a master thief, aka Captain Cold.


Arriving in 1892 Siberia, Barry locates Snart traveling with the Legends, prior¬†to his untimely death. Our hero pleads with the criminal needing his help. Being the sarcastic rouge that he is and demands answers. Once he reveals Iri’s life is in danger, Cold is all in but he’s in charge. Once the team meets Snart, their at wits end. Joe and company chastise Barry for time traveling..again. But hey what it takes.

Elsewhere, Savitar is repairing his suit and speaking with Killer Frost. Frost questions his intentions. She doubts he can kills Iris. Being the villain he is, he reaffirms why we must kill Iris. Its merely a matter of existence. Savitar then discovers that Barry will attempt to get the alien power source. However he sees it as no threat whatsoever…that’s some bad foreshadowing.

Back at Star Labs, Leonard describes the principles of a heist. Essentially there are 4 rules.

  1. make the plan
  2. execute the plan
  3. expect the plan to go off the rails
  4. throw away the plan


Afterwards, BA asks Joe to take Iris far away without his knowledge. If he doesn’t know then our resident big bad doesn’t either. Iris shares one last moment with Barry. She asks that while he works to save her, that he doesn’t lose himself in the process. The West family then arrives to Earth 2 to keep Iris safe. Cold and The Flash move to the compound. However we see a handcuffed Cold and Lilah instead. So the director passes of the crazy security measures in place…accept word association. At wit’s end its revealed to have been Barry after he knocks out the guards. It was a combination of Cisco’s work and HR’s holographic device.

Back on Earth-2, Iris and Joe share some quality daddy daughter time. They share some silly memories. They end up having a very tender moment. Iris then asks detective Joe to take her ring, just in case, to give back to Barry. Yes she is now ringless(move on  this later)


The duo moves down to the farthest level of the facility. They pass-by the former cells of the suicide squad and an angry gorilla. They then locate the device but its locked by a 10 million high tech lock. However Snart gets through in a matter of seconds. So the two are about to enter. Unfortunately for them King Shark is the guard of the device. We are now are the portion of the plan where it goes off the rails.

Back at home base, HR and Tracy spend a moment as well. HR asks Tracy to join Team Flash. They realize aside from being a couple, they actually work well together. Very well, in fact So Barry is willing to kill Shark and Snart questions his methods. However he offers an alternative, where they can place him to sleep instead. After gaining access the steal the power source


However do so triggers the alarms and Barry finds Leonard locked in the room with King Shark. At this point Barry could very well just leave him. But our scarlet speedster isn’t that kind of hero. He and Cisco are able to free Cold, unfortunately for them lilay and aurgus capture them. But the director let’s him slide for his heroic actions to save Snart. As Barry return the rogue to his original location they talk about their whacky relationship. Barry works with Cold because he sees the good in him. Cold works with The Flash because he can see the bad in him. Leonard leave with one last piece of advice; Barry can only save the day being good.

In the evening Barry races back to the team and ask where is Iris. Hr reveals Earth-2 only for them to realize that its Savitar in disguise. On Earth-2 Kid Flash tries his best to stop the god of speed. However its pointless as he make child play of KF. Savitar then reveals his identity to everyone and captures Iris. During the course of this scene, Joe pleads with him. However he brushes off the sentimentality. Did I mention how great it is to see Grant Gustin play the villain?


Barry reassures KF(with a broken leg) that he’s save Iris. As Cisco gets ready for the battle he and HR reaffirm his place. HR in his frustration blames himself for Iris being captured. He’s feeling like dirt. Cisco reminds him that the place he occupies is special. HR provides support to everyone at all times.So everyone heads to Infantino street. Cisco however vibes that Killer Frost awaits him in a forest far from the destined street. So this like his vision of the futre he must do battle with Killer Frost.

For Frost to rid herself of Cait she must kill Vibe in battle. At midnight, Savitar reveals himself with Iris in his clutches. He taunts our hero asking to see if he can indeed stop him. Barry then armed with the speed force bazooka is able to stop the foe. However it ultimately fails. Much to everyone’s surprise Savitar isn’t trapped in the speed froce. He reveals the reason is the philosopher’s stone.


Remember that silver stone that we saw early one the season? Well we finally learn what it is. Its the crystallized from of speed force clergymen. I’m glad we found out about it literally an episode any from the season finale. So with the stone he’s able to counter the gun. Helpless, all our hero can do is watch as Savitar fulfills his promise. In the seconds leading to Iris’ death, Aurora’s song plays in the background. As the world slows down for the fast man alive, we are given Ms. West’s final message to Barry.

She was sharing her wedding vows and accepting their union. So in spirit they were married. At this last line Savitar drive his blade into her back. Stunned and broken, our hero weeps as our episode closes.

Its without a question that this was one of the best episodes of the season. The song choice and Iris scene presence were nothing short of well written. Of course Captain Cold was stealing screentime.


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