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Battle Royale: Fight For Love

Love is in the air here at Nerds on the Rocks! We are back for the time of the year where you need to find a special someone to spend Valentines day with! So grab your significant other or even just yourself because it is time take take 4 love songs to battle it out! So light the candles and dim the lights capture your heart! OH! and all of your Anti-Valentine people out there don’t worry wer are doing something special this time around for you! While we have 2 love songs up in week one. Week two is for our Anti-Valentine people, by taking two anti love (break up) songs! So do we have more Valentine Lovers or AntiValentine readers! Only Battle Royale can tell us! Will Love or Hate be our February Champion?

Our first fighter is a band that has seen a few fights on Battle Royale!
Coldplay! Yes they have a ton of love songs, but there is not one as good as the single that made them famous! Yellow by Coldplay is a beautiful song a song I am sure many couples claim as their own, and that they should. What better way they saying to the person you love that they are the center of your universe and that is why the stars are shinning for them!


The Challenger
This song might be the song that could get Coldplay up against the ropes! Aerosmith did a little number called “Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” “Every Moment with you is a moment I treasure” Yes powerful lyrics! There is no one else you would rather be with and this is someone you want to spend your life with. I am sure this song is very over played and everyone has heard it. Yes a lot of couples probably have this as their song as well. So be it two cliché songs going head to head!


So This is your week lovebirds! I am not going to revel what Anti-Love songs will be battling next week! So if you believe in love be sure to vote for the best song that will allow love a chance to be our Champion!


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