Batman V Superman: Hits Rock Bottom

We’re just under 4 weeks away from the release of Batman v Superman, and with the film inching closer and closer, we’re gonna do more to talk about the two titans of comics past. We won’t be revisiting the movies exactly as we’ve done that previously in the run up of Man of Steel with the Man of Steelcast and the run-up to The Dark Knight Rises with Project Batman, and kind of recently with the Top 75 Batman Animated Episodes of All-Time!

Today, we’re gonna look at the less than stellar moments in Batman and Superman’s cinematic careers. When you’ve been starring in movies as long as the World’s Finest… you hit a few bump in the roads. Some you recover from quickly, others leave that nasty after taste in your mouth long after it’s over.

It’s that funky taste we’re here to talk about today as we let you folks decide who hit rock bottom hardest Superman or Batman!

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

After a stellar start with Superman: The Movie and the somewhat better-received Superman 2, there begun a slide in quality for the Man of Steel resulting in Superman IV. There’s a lot wrong with this movie, but I think it’s biggest enemy wasn’t on-screen. It just suffers from a lack of budget and it shows… it really really shows. Even in the trailer above!

Batman and Robin

Where Superman IV is hurt by a lack of budget, Batman and Robin is hurt by living in excess. This movie is a special effects/CG spectacle that decides to do nothing with characters or action or story worth a damn.

There you have it, the two low points for Batman and Superman. Take to the polls to let us know which is worse!

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Don’t agree with us, what do you think has been their low point? Let us know in the comments.

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